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About Zen Jitsu Kai
Zen Jitsu kai: About Page
About us……….

Located in Tuggerah NSW

Zen Jitsu Kai has been offering instruction and training in Martial Arts and Self Defence since 1995. 
In that time we have trained local, state and national champions as well as teaching self defence to women, men, children, law enforcement and security officers.

 Our studio offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in Martial Arts and Self Defence.

Zen Jitsu Kai offers a series of personal protection courses especially constructed from the most practical, traditional and modern martial arts.
These courses have been designed to meet the self defence needs of today’s challenging society.

Women's Self Defence: 
With the ever present threat of violence involving women today we are now offering specifically designed courses to give women the tools, information and training to give them a way of looking after themselves and their loved ones.

Juniors and Teenagers Martial Arts:
Zen Jitsu Kai provides a challenging yet safe environment for all juniors to mature towards becoming a more resilient and accomplished adult.
Focusing on self defence, control and technique, our training provides the tools to look after themselves in todays society and against bullying.

Zen Jitsu Kai MMA and Competition:
Whether you intend on competing or increasing your martial arts ability we've got you covered.
Training in Kata, Point Sparing, Continuous Sparing, Kick Boxing 
and ju jitsu.

We think of ourselves as total professionals in self defence.

So, if you want to check out how and why our proven system works then use the button below and I'll see you on free training.
About Zen Jitsu Kai
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