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Zen Jitsu Kai
Womens Self Defence Programe 

Helping Empower Women
Using Our Proven Martial Arts and Self Defence Systems
Helping Empower Women Using Our Self Defence Systems

Ever been involved in a situation where you've found yourself anxious or insecure?
Ever been threatened or intimidated?

Here at Zen Jitsu Kai we take great comfort in the knowlage that we help people from all walks of life reclaim their independance and confidence using our proven self defence system.

If you're interested in getting more out of life and doing something for yourself  click the button below to learn more.
Zen Jitsu Kai
Juniors 8-12 & Teens 13 and over

Our Junior and Teens martial arts is focused on core values such as  focus, discipline and self respect.
Helping Empower Women Using Our Self Defence Systems

Zen Jitsu Kai provides a challenging yet safe environment for all juniors to mature towards becoming a more resilient and accomplished adult.

The discipline and dedication expected by our instructors often reflects in a child’s behaviour at home and at school

Focusing on self defence, control and technique, our training provides the tools to look after themselves in todays society and against bullying.
Zen Jitsu Kai
Zen Jitsu Kai MMA 

Incorporating Karate, Kick Boxing and Ju Jitsu  to Develop Our Complete Martial Arts System
Helping Empower Women Using Our Self Defence Systems
Exercise with purpose, build fitness and confidence.
Learn self defence and submissions.
Or compete at all levels.

Whether you intend on competing or increasing your martial arts ability we've got you covered.

Training in Kata, Point Sparing, Continuous Sparing, Kick Boxing and ju jitsu.

No Contact to Full Contact tournament training available
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